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Tenant Inspection


Tenant inspection is a process where trained residents inspect the services their landlord or service provider delivers against the standards that are set for those services. CBH recruited for new Inspectors in the summer of 2021, and we now have a team in place to inspect and scrutinise the services they choose on behalf of all Tenants and Leaseholders. All the Inspectors have undertaken formal training from TPAS to support and help them in their role

Being a Tenant Inspector

Key Tasks:
  1. Looking at what your landlord should be accountable for
  2. Talking to staff before your inspection
  3. Conducting interviews in person or on the phone
  4. Undertaking site visits – observations and research
  5. Understanding what has been said and finding the common issues
  6. Reporting the findings back to CBH
  7. Working with CBH on improving the services provided

Inspections Carried Out

Responsive Repairs Report September 2022 can be found HERE

Social Media Report April 2023 can be found HERE 

Website Scrutiny Report December 2021 can be found  HERE

Get Involved

Interested in becoming a Tenant Inspector, Please contact the Resident Engagement team at Resident.Engagement@cbhomes.org.uk

Have your say and get involved

Get Involved – Residents Engagement Groups

At Colchester Borough Homes, we want to move on from just involving tenants in what we do, to ensuring that you have real influence in what we do and what happens in your community.

Tenant Inspectors
Meet Your Tenant Inspectors
David CBH Tenant Inspector David CBH Tenant Inspector Tony CBH Tenant Tony CBH Tenant
Steve CBH Leaseholder Steve CBH Leaseholder Steve CBH Tenant Steve CBH Tenant
Portrait Placeholder Sue CBH Tenant Portrait Placeholder Laura CBH Tenant
Portrait Placeholder Liz CBH Tenant Ellen  CBH Tenant Ellen CBH Tenant
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