Repairs Request

If you have a repair please use the form below. If you are unsure if the repair you need is our responsibility or yours, check our Repairs Handbook. The Repairs Handbook only covers repairs for CBH Tenants, so if you are a Leaseholder, please see the Leaseholder’s Handbook for information on Repairs and Maintenance to your home.

Heating Issues – please read!

Before calling, there are a number of things you can check yourself, that might save you having to wait for an engineer to call. See our Central Heating Trouble Shooting Advice for things to try before calling an engineer.

How to report Heating issues

Our gas servicing and repairs are carried out by Mears so for any gas servicing or central heating repair requests you should contact CBH Customer Services on 01206 282514, selecting Gas option. You will be given an option to be put through to Mears. If you need an emergency repair and it is outside office hours, you should still contact this number. You will be given an option to be put through to our emergency out-of-hours centre.

Drainage Issues – please read!

Anglian Water is responsible for all drainage pipes you share with your neighbours. If you think your drains are blocked Anglian Water will come and investigate this, please contact them via

Reporting Repair Requests Online

You need to be the tenant or have the tenant’s permission to report a repair.

The online Repair Request form is for non-emergency repairs please refer to the Repairs Handbook here if you are unsure of the class of your repair
For emergency repairs please call 01206 282514.
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