Useful information for Leaseholders

Please follow this link to find details of our leasehold service and how you can manage your leasehold property.

Leasehold service charges

These charges are made to leaseholders for work we carry out around your home: e.g. grass cutting and cleaning of communal areas. We have a legal duty to charge these costs to leaseholders and we keep these charges to a minimum. For more information see our service charges page.

Grounds maintenance

As a homeowner you may benefit from the services that we provide on council land e.g. grass cutting and shrub maintenance. You can find out more about this here.

We provide services to council land which include litter picking, grass cutting, tree and shrub maintenance. If you would like to volunteer to help us keep your area well maintained by sending us reports of anything that needs doing please contact us on 01206 282514.

Zone Wardens

To find out who your Zone Warden is, please click on the link below

Community Zone Teams

Selling your home

If you have bought your home in the last 10 years under the Right to Buy scheme then please find more details here.

Information for solicitors

Please see here for some of the information your solicitor may need when you buy or sell your home. We can provide information for your solicitor when you sell a leasehold home. Please ask your solicitor to contact us in writing. A charge will be made for this service.

Repairs and Maintenance for Leaseholders

We carry out repairs to, and maintain, the structure of your home. We want to work with you to keep your home safe and secure. All gas appliances in flats should be checked each year and you are required to forward us a copy of the gas safety certificate, or if you sublet your property you must send us a copy of the landlord gas safety certificate or CP12. We will send you a reminder when your service is nearly due to allow you time to book an appointment. If you do not keep you boiler service up to date, you are in breach of your lease and we may apply for forfeiture of your property. If you have any enquiry please contact us.

Leaseholder Gas Certificate

You can upload your annual gas certificate (or CP12 if you sub-let) by clicking on this link and completing the form.

Buying your council home

If you want to buy your home you may be entitled to a discount on the cost depending on how long that you have been a tenant. There are more details on our Buy Your Home page.

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