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Tenant Alterations, Subletting and Private Sector Lettings

Tenant Alterations

If you would like to make an alteration to your property, it is a condition of your Lease that you must seek written permission first from Colchester Borough Homes. Please click here for further information and contact details.


If you would like to sublet your property please contact the Right to Buy/Leasehold department to request a permission form. We do not refuse permission but this helps us to keep our records up to date and to ensure we have the correct correspondence details. Alternatively you can download a form from this page and send this to:

RTB/Leaseholder Department, Rowan House, Colchester, CO3 3WG

Colchester Borough Homes has a Private Sector Leasing Scheme, which sets an agreement to lease your property for 3 – 5 years and guarantees that your 100% of your rent will be paid in full throughout the term of agreement. This means that you will not lose any income during void periods or have the expenses such as redecoration that you might normally expect when letting through the private sector. Colchester Borough Homes will take full responsibility for the day to day management of the tenancy. If you would like further information on the Private Sector Leasing Scheme please click here