Exchange your Home


A mutual exchange is where council or housing association tenants swap homes. For more information about mutual exchanges please see our mutual exchange leaflet.


Who can apply

You must have written permission from your landlord before you can exchange your home. Only secure tenants can apply, so if you have an introductory tenancy you will have to wait until it becomes secure.

If you are a Colchester City Council tenant you will not be allowed to swap if:

  • you owe rent.
  • you are in the process of being evicted (having your tenancy ended early).
  • the property you want to move to has more bedrooms than you need.
  • the property you want to move to is too small – moving in would make it overcrowded.
  • you want to move to sheltered housing but do not meet the qualifying requirements such as age.
  • the property you want to move to has disabled adaptations which you do not need.

How to apply

You can easily apply online, whether your landlord is Colchester Borough Homes or not.

If you prefer to download a form, if you are a Colchester City Council tenant you will need to complete and return CBH Application for Mutual Exchange to us. If your landlord is not Colchester City Council but you are swapping with a Colchester City Council tenant, you will need to fill in Other landlord Application for Mutual Exchange and return it to us.

If you are not a Colchester City Council tenant you will need to contact your landlord to find out what you need to do next.


What happens next?

If you are a Colchester City Council tenant we will inspect your current home to check its condition. If you are responsible for any damage, like a broken window, you must carry out the repair before permission to swap is given. We will let you know in writing whether you can go ahead with the exchange. We must do this within 42 days of the request to swap properties.


Incentive payments

Colchester City Council tenants who are moving to a smaller property may be eligible for an incentive payment of up to £2,000 – see the Transfer incentive scheme page for details.

Please note you must not exchange until you have our written approval.

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