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What does the future hold for Colchester Borough Homes?

Strategic Plan Update

Today we are proud to launch our new Strategic Plan. This Plan sets out our aims for the future in a clear and accessible roadmap, detailing our core ambitions and how we intend to measure their success.

During its development, we have listened to residents and stakeholders, including their feedback in our Plan. We’ve also aligned with Colchester Borough Council’s vision and been clear on our own Objectives, all to ensure we are consistent in our purpose.

“Our Colchester, 2022-27” outlines three key focus areas:

  • Our customers: delivering a positive customer experience across all services we provide.
  • Our colleagues: valuing the people who work for us and providing opportunities to thrive.
  • Our communities: shaping inclusive neighbourhoods people are proud to live in.

Our new Strategic Plan will also ensure we make progress on sustainability and future proofing our properties as well as continuing our work to prevent homelessness. We have focused on the issues that matter most to the people who live in the homes and use the facilities we manage.

“Our Colchester, 2022-27” is available now to download from our website.

We’re delighted to present this clear opportunity for Colchester Borough Homes to create positive and lasting change for Colchester, and we welcome you to join us in our purpose.

Read the full document here.