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Tenants welcomed back to Attlee Gardens following refurbishment

Attlee Gardens following refurbishment

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Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) welcomed tenants back to Attlee Gardens and thanked them for their patience during the refurbishment.

Tenants, both new and current, attended a small event at the site on Friday 20 December. The property has received a refurbishment due to a fire at the start of the year.

Guests were given the opportunity to discuss plans for changes to the communal areas, creating a neighbourhood watch and plans for installation of new recycling bins.

During the event, the help of the local community was also recognised. One of the residents was nominated in CBH’s Good Neighbour Awards for providing immediate shelter to some of those who were evacuated from their home.

Colchester Borough Homes Chief Executive Gareth Mitchell said: “We’re very grateful for the patience shown during the refurbishment. It’s wonderful to welcome people back to Attlee Gardens, and to also celebrate how community can play its part in helping each other during difficult times.”