Tenant Satisfaction Measures


Why are there new tenant satisfaction measures

In 2020, the government published The charter for social housing residents – social housing white paper,  The charter for social housing residents: social housing white paper – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)   which sets out ways to improve things for people living in social housing.

Some of these are for the Regulator of Social Housing to do, and one of those steps is bringing in a set of tenant satisfaction measures.

The new satisfaction measures will help people;

  • See how well a social housing landlord is doing
  • Check landlords are supplying and maintaining good quality homes
  • Transparency – it will be easier for residents to find out how good a landlord is
  • Comparable – it will be easier to compare landlords
  • See which landlords are better at looking after homes and residents
  • How tenants feel about their landlord


What are the Tenant Satisfaction Measures

We will be asking how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are about different things, on the following:

TP01      Overall satisfaction

TP02      Satisfaction with repairs

TP03      Satisfaction with time taken to complete most recent repair

TP04      Satisfaction that the home is well maintained

TP05      Satisfaction that the home is safe

TP06      Satisfaction that the landlord listens to tenant views and acts upon them

TP07      Satisfaction that the landlord keeps tenants informed about things that matter to them

TP08      Agreement that the landlord treats tenants fairly and with respect

TP09      Satisfaction with the landlord’s approach to handling complaints

TP10      Satisfaction that the landlord keeps communal areas clean and well maintained

TP11      Satisfaction that the landlord makes a positive contribution to neighbourhoods

TP12      Satisfaction with the landlord’s approach to handling anti-social behaviour

We will also publish the following management performance measures on our website each year:

CH01     Complaints relative to the size of the landlord

CH02     Complaints responded to within Complaint Handling Code timescales

NM01    Anti-social behaviour cases relative to the size of the landlord

RP01      Homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard

RP02      Repairs completed within target timescale

BS01      Gas safety checks

BS02      Fire safety checks

BS03      Asbestos safety checks

BS04      Water safety checks

BS05      Lift safety checks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been asked to complete a survey?
  • CCC wants to hear from CBH tenants and leaseholders. They would like to understand how happy its residents are with the services they receive. The survey will ask you to rate certain areas such as repairs and complaints against how satisfied or dissatisfied you have been. For example, you may be satisfied that the outside lights are working, and you now feel safe coming home in the dark.
  • All responses will be used to improve services and help decision making. CCC and CBH will publish the results of the survey so you can see how CBH performs for you.
What is the Satisfaction Survey?

The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new system for assessing how well social housing landlords in England (CBH) are performing, and if they are providing good quality homes and services.

There is a set of tenant satisfaction measures that CCC/CBH must consult with tenants on. The results of the survey will let CCC/CBH know how well they are performing against these measures.

The requirement is that each housing provider carries out these surveys every year, so CCC/CBH tenants can have a say and see real improvements in the services they receive every year.

How will I be contacted?
  • We will be working with a company called ARP, which is an independent research agency, on behalf of CCC and CBH.
  • A selection of CBH residents will receive a survey in the post. If you do not receive a postal survey, you can complete one online.
  • Find out more about ARP Home – ARP Research (arp-research.co.uk)
Is the survey legitimate?
How will I complete the survey?
  • The survey will be completed both by paper and online. 
  • Those selected to complete a survey will be sent a postal survey with a covering letter and a free postage return envelope. On the covering letter there will also be an option to complete the survey online if you prefer.
  • Others may receive an online invitation via either email or mobile phone to complete the survey.
  • If we don’t see a response to the online invite, you will then be sent a postal survey in a reminder mailing.
  • If you do not have access to a device in order to complete the survey, please call your housing officer who will be able to arrange for someone to help you or the Customer Service Centre who will be able to help you complete it and have your say.
How long will they survey take to complete?
  • The survey has 15 questions and should take no more than a few minutes to complete.
Will my answers be anonymous?
  • Yes – all surveys will be returned to ARP who will compile the data and feedback to the Council on a total basis.
  • Any identifying or personal data will not be passed to CCC/CBH unless you give your permission to do so in the survey.
  • If you enter our prize draw, your details will be passed along, but none of your responses will be, just the fact that you would like to go into the prize draw.
What if I want to opt out?
  • If you would like to opt out of the survey and not receive any reminders, please return the survey blank or alternatively phone ARP on freephone 0800 0209564
  • If you don’t wish to participate, please do let us know, so we can offer another tenant the opportunity.
How will the results be used?
  • The results from the survey will help CCC/CBH improve the services you receive.
  • Where residents’ responses highlight services areas for improvement, then that will be reflected in the way in which CBH plan work and set priorities for the coming year.
  • We will publish the full results of the survey so you can see how others answered as well.

Results 2023/24



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