First Round of Funding to Support Local Groups Now Open 2024

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) is inviting applications for Round 1 of its 2024 Community Fund.  
The CBH Community Fund supports the local community by making small grants and awards to local charities and community groups throughout Colchester.     
The Community Fund provides a total of £40,000 across two rounds of funding during the year, and groups and charities in Colchester are encouraged to apply for a share of it. Applicants must demonstrate how their services and projects would benefit not only tenants, but all residents in Colchester, with a focus on support with the cost-of-living crisis.     
Last year’s funding saw a total of 36 organisations and projects benefit from the fund.     
Colchester Borough Homes’ Chief Executive, Philip Sullivan, said: “We recognise the invaluable role local groups play in strengthening our city’s communities. We encourage any Colchester-based charity or group to apply for this funding and contribute to our collective well-being.   
“With the rising cost of living placing a strain on many residents, we’re particularly interested in supporting projects that offer financial assistance to our most vulnerable tenants and community members during this challenging time.”    
Applications for the first round of funding can be made by scrolling down to the application form below or by emailing and should be submitted by 16 May 2024.     
Along with the Community Fund, CBH actively supports and funds local organisations throughout the year. These partnerships provide tenants and leaseholders with the reassurance that support is always available for a variety of needs. Find out more, here.  – Supporting Our Partners – Colchester Borough Homes (
A list of previous recipients from last years funding can be found HERE – Support in the Community 2020 – Colchester Borough Homes (


If you need any help completing your application please contact Julie Carver, Customer Involvement Officer, by calling 07773050341 or by emailing

The data you are giving to us will only be used only for the purposes of this application. It will only be accessed by Colchester Borough Homes and Colchester Borough Council and data will not passed to any third parties.

If your Application for Community Funding is successful You agree to the following terms and conditions:  
1. To use the |Community Funding only for the purposes detailed in the Application 

2. To provide CBH, on request, with such further information, explanations as may be required for it to establish that the Community Funding has been used in accordance with the Application made. 

3. If your Event/activity does not go ahead for any reason You agree to return the Community Funding in full and in a timely manner to CBH 

4. CBH will have no responsibility for your Event or any obligation to provide any further funding over and above the Community Funding allocated 

5. Failure to use the Grant Funding for the Event and/or in accordance with the Application made may result in any Community Funding needing to be repaid by You to CBH within seven days of a written notification being given to You by CBH 
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