Renting a Garage

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On this page you’ll be able to find out all you need to know about renting a garage from us. You can also fill in an online form to apply for one. 

Garage Availability and Application Form

Thank you for your interest in renting a garage or storage space.

We no longer hold waiting lists for garage applicants. Instead, we will advertise garages as they become available. The garages shown on the garage application page are the ones we have available at this time. 

Below our FAQ’s is a list of all the areas where we have garages, but if your chosen area is not shown on the application page, please check back periodically for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Colchester Borough Homes Tenant or leaseholder to get a garage?
No, anyone who lives in the borough can rent a garage from us.
How much does it cost?
If you are a Colchester City Council tenant, leaseholder or a non council tenant we will charge you £18.32 per week in areas of high demand for garages. (2024/25)

There is a lower charge of £14.02 per week in areas where the demand is lower. (2024/25).

If you are not a tenant, then we have to charge you 20% VAT rate.

Cost per month can range from £58 – £92 depending on the area, you will also need to make an initial payment of 4 weeks rent in advance by debit or credit card, so your tenancy is always in credit.
What is the best way to pay?
We strongly recommend that you set up a direct debit to pay for your garage, to make sure your account is always in credit.
What can I use my garage for?
Garages should normally be used to store your car, but you can use them for other things as long as you don’t cause a nuisance or do anything which is dangerous or illegal. You must not use your garage for carrying out any business or trade unless we give you permission in writing first. You must never store petrol or other flammable substances in the garage.
Is there any reason why I might be refused a garage?
If you are a tenant or leaseholder and owe us any money, then we will not consider you for a garage. If you have had a garage with us, but still owe us money, you will also not be considered.
What happens if I fall behind on the rent?
We have a zero-tolerance policy towards rent arrears on garages. This means if you fall behind on your payments we will take steps to recover the garage so we can rent it to someone else.
How do I end my garage tenancy?

You can end your garage tenancy by giving one week’s notice in writing, using a printable Garage Termination Form or our online form. All garage tenancies must end on a Monday and you must make sure that the rent is up to date, all the keys are returned and all your belongings are removed.

Can we end your garage tenancy?
Yes. If you do not pay your rent, or if you break the conditions of your garage tenancy, we can give you one week’s notice in writing that we are ending your tenancy. We will charge you if we have to change the locks or if possessions are left for us to dispose of .

Find out where the garages are

See below where all the garages are. Check the application page to see which garages we have available to rent


Broom Way


Greenfield Houses
Luard Way


Swan Grove

Dutch Quarter

Ken Cooke Court
Taylor Court

Great Tey

Lower Langley


Forest Road
Gardenia Walk
Hawthorn Avenue
Hewes Close
Holborough Close


Rosalind Close
Scarfe Way
Sebastian Close
Sherwood Close
Solway Court

Harwich Road

Compton Road
The Causeway

King George

Berechurch Road
Gurdon Road
Harrison Road
Lord Holland Road
Queen Mary Avenue

Marks Tey

Honeywood Close
Norman Close

New Town

Cannon Street


All Saints Avenue
Holman Crescent
Plume Avenue
The Commons

Shrub End

Duncan Road
Gloucester Avenue
Hazell Avenue
Hedge Drive
Iceni Way


Clover Court
Holly Road
New Farm Road
Winstree Road

West Mersea

Grays Close
Windsor Road


Hardings Close

Birch Glen

Onslow Crescent
Rockhampton Walk
Sydney Street


Allendale Drive

Eight Ash Green

Porters Close


Affleck Road
Ariel Close
Ashdown Way
Azalea Court
Buckingham Drive


Honeysuckle Way
Imogen Close
Jessica Close
Laburnum Grove
Macbeth Close


Spruce Avenue
Veronica Walk
Wheeler Close
Willingham Way
Woodcock Close


Highwoods Square


Hillcrest Cottages


Bardfield Road
Berefield Road
Buxton Road
Byng Court
Finchingfield Way

Old Heath

Fingringhoe Road
Fullers Road
Wick Road


Donyland Way
Stephen Cranfield Close

Shrub End

John Kent Avenue
Rayner Road
Rutland Avenue
Smallwood Road
Sparling Close


Arnold Villas
Chestnut Way
Thyme Road
Walnut Tree Way
Willow Walk


Rosabelle Avenue
Trickett Court


Churchill Way
Ladbrook Drive
Mulberry Avenue


Elwes Close


Forge Cottages

Great Horkesley

Ramparts Close


Buffet Way
Cook Crescent
Dammant Court
Duffield Drive
Elm Crescent


Magnolia Drive
Marigold Close
Othello Close
Primrose Walk
Prospero Close


Woodrow Way

Ipswich Road

Frank Clater Close


Christine Close
Nelson Road
New Kiln Road


Middlewick Close
Prince Philip Road
Sage Road
The Parade
Windsor Close


The Crescent

Shrub End

Bishop Road
Boadicea Way
Catherine Hunt way
Coats Hutton Road
Daniell Drive

Shrub End

Walnut Tree House
Wolton Road

West Bergholt

Bradbrook Cottages
Mumford Road


Robletts Way

The small print

Click here to read the legal conditions you will be bound by when you agree to rent a garage.

You can end your tenancy by giving one clear week’s notice in writing to the address shown on this form

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