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Free Event Offers Specialist Help for Colchester Landlords

18 Mar, 2019

Colchester Landlords are warmly invited to a free event organised by Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) next week, which will feature specialist speakers, expert advice and networking opportunities.

The Colchester Landlord Forum, being held at Jobserve Community Stadium on Wednesday 27 March 2019, will provide landlords with information and news about legislation, services and schemes which are highly relevant to the Colchester property sector and will help them comply with their responsibilities.

The evening, organised in partnership with the National Landlords Association, runs between 19:00 – 21:00.

The forum, held twice a year, is designed to help landlords make the most of their portfolios while ensuring they provide legal and safe homes and are aware of support available for them and their tenants.

The event will also feature further information about ‘HomeStep’, which is being offered by CBH to landlords, offering generous cash incentives and support for landlords and tenants for 12-month tenancies.

Speakers at the event will include:

Layna Thompson, Palmers Law Associate Solicitor- Landlord Targeted Fraud – Helping Landlords protect their assets

Tim Briggs, Legal Mentor FounderLegal issues around serving notices on tenants, and getting back possession

David Elliott, Private Sector Officer, Colchester Borough Homes– David will be giving us an overview of how you, as a Landlord, can make your life easier through working with Colchester Borough Homes. This will feature testimony from landlords and tenants we have previously worked with.

Joanne Dron, National Landlords Association Senior Local RepresentativeNews and Legislative Update


Chief Executive of Colchester Borough Homes Gareth Mitchell said: “We value our relationships with Colchester landlords enormously because they are a crucial part of our approach to helping people find accommodation locally.

Events like the Landlords’ Forum help to strengthen those relationships, but are also an opportunity for local landlords to stay up to date with legislation and be clear about their responsibilities to provide quality housing and to support their tenants.

“If you are a landlord with property in the Colchester area, the event of 27 March is not to be missed!”

Advance booking is essential, and the event is free of charge. To book your place visit Landlord Forum