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February's Resident Voice

Resident Voice - we need your views

On the 1 February, our Resident Voice meeting gave tenants the opportunity to hear the latest news from us and to share their thoughts on how we’re performing.

Mark Briggs, our Grounds Maintenance Officer, gave the group an overview of the commitment Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) has made to stop the use of glyphosate-based weed killers across all its communities, from 1 April 2022. He explained the robust plan that is in place to manage the weed growth in shrub and flower borders and hard surfaces, such as car parking areas and pathways, by using mulch as a natural way of suppressing weeds, a programme of manual weeding, strimming and the trial of alternative options to keep weeds at bay.

We went through our first involved Tenant Inspectors Report, where our involved customers (who volunteer and are trained by Tpas) scrutinise our services. Their first inspection has been on our website. They have produced a professional report which will be taken to our next Board meeting by one of our involved customers on 2 March 22. We have already been able to implement some recommendations they have made.

The group discussed the Resident Voice Terms of Reference to review the document and make suggested changes to bring it up to date.

Remember if there’s anything the CBH board need to know, please make the Resident Voice aware. The board is passionate about hearing the residents’ voice and you can contact the tenant board members directly on Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Experience Team on to share your thoughts on CBH or for more information on attending future Resident Voice meetings.

Our next meeting is on 5 April 2022 at 5.30pm.