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Do you have an image to share from the pandemic?

digital camera notepad and pencil

When people look back at 2020/2021, what images do you think will demonstrate life in lockdown and the experiences we went through? If you could share an image in the future, what would you choose?

We’re looking for tenants and leaseholders to submit recent photographs which fit the theme of ‘Pulling Together’. The photographs may be beautiful, peaceful, hectic or just plain funny, but should show how the pandemic impacted your life and how the kindness of others was so important.

The photographs should tell a story, maybe you witnessed an act of kindness from a neighbour, supported someone by helping them with their daily lives or maybe you created something to show support to key workers and your community.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer! We’ll accept photos from professional snappers to those who use a smartphone or tablet. There’s also a prize of £100 worth of vouchers to be awarded to our favourite photo!

The photos submitted will also be entered into a national competition, with your permission of course.

To submit a photo, contact with the image and a brief description of how it supports the theme of pulling together.

Good luck!