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Colchester Borough Homes works with Essex Police to tackle Anti-social Behaviour

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) and Essex Police are working together to improve the wellbeing of residents in local communities by highlighting properties involved in drug related anti-social behaviour (ASB), including cuckooing and County Lines.

Large boards, funded by the Safer Colchester partnership, are being attached to doors of properties where full closure orders, or eviction on the grounds of ASB, have been obtained. The boards highlight that CBH is listening to communities and will take action if needed. In addition to this, CBH Officers will be visiting communal blocks, as will Essex Police, to further minimise the risk of ASB and deter such behaviour. This is being promoted by displaying a sticker in the communal areas, which advises tenants that officers will be making frequent visits.

CBH remains committed to working with partners to support tenants in sustaining their tenancies. Enforcement will only become involved when advice and support is not accepted. During stages of enforcement, tenants are offered continued advice and support. 

Feedback from tenants for the work undertaken over the past 10 weeks has been positive, with residents already noticing a difference in their communities.

Chief Inspector Rob Huddleston said “We work closely with Colchester Borough Homes, and our wider partners, to support vulnerable tenants and ensure people feel safe. We will continue to work together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, keeping our communities safe”

Colchester Borough Homes Chief Executive Gareth Mitchell said: “We are fully committed to ensuring individuals feel safe in their communities. Everyone has the right to a decent quality of life and having the support of Essex Police really helps us achieve this.

This excellent proactive work with Essex Police is already making a difference for our residents.”