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Colchester Borough Homes partnership work continues to help make communities safe for residents

Colchester Borough Homes’ antisocial-behaviour (ASB) officers continue to work closely with communities and partners to tackle high-risk cases of ASB, ensuring residents still feel safe knowing they can report ASB during Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Working close with Essex Police and other partners, we’re still able to use enforcement powers to put in place community protection warnings, community protection notices, partial closures and injunctions. Full building closures are being considered if there is a high risk to the local community.

We’re also supporting Essex Police to enforce social distancing measures by sharing information received about people breaking the Government’s social distancing regulations. 

Our current focus is tackling high-risk activities, such as drug activity and hate crime. We’re still asking residents to report all forms of ASB, but please understand that we are having to prioritise the most serious cases.

Colchester Borough Homes Chief Executive Gareth Mitchell said ‘Ensuring the safety of individuals in our communities continues to be a priority of ours. As always, it’s great that our partnership work is helping to make residents feel safe during these difficult times.

‘While we are prioritising high-risk activities during the current situation, we won’t tolerate any form of antisocial-behaviour. I encourage those in the borough who experience any form of antisocial-behaviour to report it to our officers.’

If you would like to discuss antisocial behaviour, please contact us on 01206 507341 or through customer services on 01206 282514, email or report it online at antisocial-behaviour/. All calls and conversations are confidential.

Tell us and the Police immediately if you have been assaulted, threatened or are the victim of a hate crime. Contact them directly by dialling 101 or report it online.