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Closure notice to tackle antisocial behaviour

ASB Closed
A closure notice has been granted to us to tackle serious antisocial behaviour at one of its properties in Colchester.

The order, which was signed by Colchester Magistrates’ Court, prohibits anyone from entering or remaining at 16 Rectory Close, Colchester, for three months, following concerns raised by the local community about persistent nuisance and antisocial behaviour at the address.

Anybody breaching the notice will now be liable to arrest and imprisonment.
Officers from our antisocial behaviour team took possession and closed the property last Friday (29 April), in response to reports by residents of drug-related activities.

Despite fears for their own safety, many residents came forward to support a community impact statement about the effect the nuisance and antisocial behaviour was having on their quality of life – which was instrumental in magistrates granting the order.

Karen Williams, Head of Housing Management at CBH, said: “We take reports of illegal or antisocial behaviour very seriously and will not tolerate such behaviour in any of the homes we manage. This action shows we are committed to working with the local police to support safer communities and make Colchester an even better place to live.
“We only ask the courts for Closure Orders as a last resort and will do everything we can to assist a resident to sustain their tenancy. Unfortunately, some individuals will not accept help, advice or warnings.
“In all cases, the rights of the individual must be carefully balanced against the rights of other residents. In this case, we assisted residents to take back control of the situation and put an end to suspected illegal activity in their area. We would like to thank them for their courage and their support.”