Vision & Values

Our Mission 

Our mission is to deliver great value services that make a difference. 


Our Vision 

Enabling customers, colleagues, and communities to thrive. 


Our Values 

We are committed to our key company values (“The CBH Way”) and focus on these in the planning and delivery of our services: 

  • Building Trust We will work with customers to build trust in our service. 
  • Delivering Customer Led Services We will work with customers to improve what we do, and promote fair and equal services for all. 
  • Commitment to Our Communities We will offer customers services they can rely on, which respect the needs of the community and individuals. 
  • Delivering Professional Services Our staff are highly trained to enable customers to receive a knowledgeable response. 
  • Providing Value for Money in everything we do. 


Our Behaviours 

Our organisational behaviours were drawn up as part of consultation with our staff. Employees of CBH are expected to demonstrate our organisational behaviours at all times. The organisational behaviours are central to the culture of CBH and are part of what makes it a great place to work. The organisational behaviours are outlined below: 


  1. Respect
    We expect our staff to treat everyone as they would wish to be treated, so everyone feels valued with their needs respected in the most appropriate way. Diversity is an asset to the team and the organisation. 

  2. Consistency
    A consistent approach is taken when we make decisions or give advice within the boundaries of current legislation and guidance, ensuring equity. 

  3. Ownership and Empowerment
    Taking responsibility for your work from start to finish. Management give staff at all levels the freedom to make decisions when appropriate and able to do so, supporting them through the process. Whenever possible, communication is with the most appropriate person to take forward the task. 

  4. Honesty and Integrity
    Building trust within our organisation and the community in which we work, through honest and open communication. 

  5. Organisational loyalty
    Understanding that we are all ambassadors of CBH and it is our responsibility to always act with professionalism.
  6. Self-Development
    Taking the initiative to access learning and development opportunities and keeping up to date with new legislation, rules, and processes to ensure we provide correct and appropriate information to our customers and colleagues. 


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