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Meet Our Staff/Our People

Philip Sullivan, Chief Executive  

“Valuing our colleagues is a top priority for CBH. We want to give people that work for us a great employee experience from the moment they look for a job with us.”  


Nikki Williams, Service Improvement Manager 

“I have worked in Colchester Local Government for over 26yrs, and more recently with Colchester Borough Homes.  

I always said I would change career when starting a family or if the job it wasn’t for me, but I am still here, mainly because it is not only a great place to work, and I enjoy it, but also because you are supported throughout your career with personal development and a stable package of benefits such as pension, absence and annual holiday entitlements, and welfare support.  

 I love my job and the people I work with, helping to serve the local community and its provision of housing in Colchester. I would thoroughly recommend a career with Colchester Borough Homes. “ 

Karen Alcock, Accounts Payable Officer 

“I have been at Colchester Borough Homes for a few months now after previous employment that lasted for over 25 years, so it was a very big step for me. Since I have been here, I have found the staff to be friendly and approachable and it has been easier to settle in than I thought it might be. I attended an all-staff event early on and was impressed by the culture of the Organisation and the enthusiasm of the people working here. “ 

William Tomkins 

William Tomkins, Community Housing Officer 

“Working at CBH has been an incredibly positive experience. From day one, I was impressed by the organisation’s commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. The team at CBH is made up of smart, passionate professionals who are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve.   

One of the things I appreciate most about working at CBH is the emphasis on professional development. From regular training sessions to opportunities to attend conferences and workshops, the organisation is committed to helping its employees grow and develop their skills.   

Additionally, CBH provides a great work-life balance, with flexible working and generous time off policies. Other benefits including Local Government Pension Scheme and recent savings platform Vivip.   

Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to work at CBH and would recommend it to anyone looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the social housing sector.”  

Jigna Marzell, Financial Inclusion Officer 

“I am fortunate to work in a very specialised and successful team within CBH. We are all given independence, empowerment, and encouragement to deliver individualistic support services that make a positive difference to the lives of our tenants and leaseholders. “ 

Cindy Scrivener

Cindy Scrivener, Visiting Officer 

“I have worked for Colchester Borough Homes for almost two years now and I enjoy coming to work – this is quite a new concept after years of shift work.  As a working parent of four children, I can work flexibly to get the most out of my time and balance life’s other responsibilities.  The Older Persons Services Team is an awesome team to work on – they care and support one another. I always feel reassured to know that there is help at hand if ever I needed it.  I work alone, this suits me, it’s great to be trusted to get on with my work, I have plenty enough to do to keep me busy. Colchester Borough Homes actively encourage staff development and equip their staff with relevant training.  CBH is made up of a lot of good people who strive to improve their communities. I have the pleasure of serving this community in a way that affords me a variety of responsibilities but with far less pressure. “ 

Claire James, Customer Experience Team Leader 

“I’ve worked for Colchester Borough Homes for 15 years. It is great to work for an organisation that has flexible working policies, and that supports you with training and career development.  The best thing about working for CBH is the people – our colleagues, our customers, and our communities. Together we are better!”  

Victoria Charles-Carberry, Business Intelligence Officer 

“I joined CBH in Summer 2022 as a Business Intelligence Officer. I work in an inclusive and progressive team that strives to deliver excellent value for our customers by providing high quality reporting and analysis. I have found CBH to be a truly flexible employer that keenly supports its staff and nurtures their professional development.  I certainly made a great choice in coming here.”


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