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Strategic Plan

Welcome to Colchester Borough Homes’ dynamic Strategic Plan for the future. This document sets out the Board’s forward-looking ambitions, and illustrates how we will focus resources on three key areas:

  • Our customers
  • Our colleagues
  • Our communities

The Strategic Plan document expands on these Objectives with themes and metrics that provide a clear roadmap for success.

Our vision is to enable our customers, colleagues, and communities to thrive.

During the development of our Strategic Plan, we’ve surveyed opinions from residents, sought feedback from stakeholders, aligned with Colchester Borough Council’s vision, and clarified our own Board’s priorities, listening to responses and incorporating them into the Plan to ensure we are consistent in our purpose.

Our customers

Our aim is to deliver a positive customer experience across all services. We plan to amplify residents’ voices within our organisation and increase overall customer satisfaction by 5% by 2027.  Through better use of information and technology, our services will become more accessible for everyone.

Our colleagues

Our ambition is to be a great local employer. We aim to develop our employment practices and invest in our workforce, offering every person the opportunity to thrive.  As a result, we expect our staff satisfaction regarding CBH as “a great place to work” to increase by 5% by 2027

Our communities

By investing in the homes we manage, and promoting safe, inclusive communities, we will shape neighbourhoods where people thrive and feel proud to live. Our aim is to enter the top quartile of neighbourhood satisfaction and introduce 350 new managed properties by 2027.

Read the full document and strategic aims here.

The Board is proud of its achievements and looking forward to increasing our impact on Colchester. We are confident in making progress towards our purpose.