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What Our Priorities Are & How We’re Doing

Our priorities are agreed together with Colchester Borough Council, customers, staff and Board members. Our key priorities for 2017-22 are set out in our Strategic Plan and Medium Term Delivery Plan.

Plans and Strategies

We have developed a number of plans and strategies which set out how we are planning to achieve our aims in key areas. For more detail visit our strategies page.


You can see how we did on our latest key performance indicators here.

Annual report

Every year we produce an Annual Report highlighting our achievements. To view our latest Annual Report please click the year you require.

Annual Report 2017/18

Our 2017/18 annual report contains the highlights and achievements from across the organisation over the past year.

Annual Report 2016/17

Our 2016/17 annual report contains highlights and achievements from the year.

Let us know your priorities

Our priorities, plans and strategies are agreed in consultation with customers. If you would be interested in taking part in consultations please contact our Resident Engagement Team.