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Conditions of tenancy

Renting A Home From Us

When you sign your tenancy agreement you are entering into a legal contract with us. Both sides agree to keep to certain conditions. The Conditions of Tenancy document tells you what these are.

Why You Need To Understand The Conditions

It is very important that you understand what these conditions are. That is because if you break them, you could lose your home.

The Conditions Tell You About

• Our responsibilities
• Paying your rent
• Using your home
• Making changes to your tenancy
• Repairs and alterations
• Antisocial behaviour
• Community safety and health
• Vehicles
• Animals
• Gardens
• When we can charge you for repairs
• Written notices
• Ending your tenancy

The Conditions of Tenancy can be downloaded pdf icon here [69kb].

Other Languages

Tenancy Conditions in pdf icon Portugese [234kb]

Tenancy Conditions in pdf icon Cantonese [510kb]

Tenancy Conditions in pdf icon Kurdish [280kb]

We have tried to make the conditions easy to understand, but if you have any questions, please ask your Community Housing Officer for your area to explain them.