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Tenancy audits

From time to time we will visit you and carry out a tenancy audit.  




We use tenancy audits to:

  • update our information about who lives in your home.
  • check the condition of your home.
  • offer support and advice on claiming benefits and referrals to support agencies.
  • check that the legal tenant is living at the property and that it is not being sublet.
  • give advice and support if you wish to move to a smaller home.

What happens during an audit?

We visit you in your home and ask you to complete a short questionnaire. We also carry out a brief inspection of the property. We will ask you for two forms of identification: one that includes a photo of you and one that proves you live in the property such as a utility bill.

When will I be visited?

Whenever we can, we will let you know we are coming by writing to you at least 10 working days before the visit. We may also visit you without notice, with your permission.  

Do I have to let you in?

Your pdf icon Conditions of tenancy [69kb] say you must give us access if we have given you appropriate notice. We can take court action if you refuse to let us in. All our staff will be carrying identification - always ask to see it and never let anyone in who cannot prove who they are.

For more information on tenancy audits please see our pdf icon Tenancy audit policy [211kb].