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What happens when a tenant dies

The rules about passing on a tenancy when someone dies (known as succession) are very similar to assigning a tenancy. For example, if you die your tenancy may be able to pass to:

• your spouse or registered civil partner who lived with you.
• a close family member - as long as they lived with you continuously for 12 months or more before you died.

A tenancy can only be passed on once. If you took over your tenancy through succession or assignment, no one will have the right to succession when you die.

If a joint tenant dies, the tenancy automatically continues for the surviving tenant. This is known as survivorship. No one will be able to succeed to the tenancy when the surviving spouse or civil partner dies. For example, you have no further right to pass on the tenancy to your children.

You can appeal to us if you think the decision we have made over a succession is wrong. You can contact us here if you would like to make an appeal.

For more information see our leaflet Ending your tenancy - death of the tenant.