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Survey of tenants and residents (STAR)

Our customers' views are very important in helping us make business decisions and shape future services.  Every 2 years we carry out a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR).  We ask similar questions each time so we can also track whether we are improving and take action if we are not. It is a standard survey which is used across the country by housing organisations so we can compare our results with other other landlords.  The survey asks questions about the services we provide, homes and neighbourhoods.  There are also questions about our repairs and maintenance service, whether tenants and leaseholders get good value for their rent and how well we listen to their views.

We carried out our latest survey in April and May 2018 via an independent research company. Our 2018 survey had more options for residents to complete it online which meant that more young people took part. The headlines from the 2018 STAR survey were:

  • 83% of tenants are satisfied overall
  • 87% think that their rent is good value for money
  • 93% of sheltered tenants are satisfied overall
  • 82% of tenants were satisfied with the safety of their homes
  • 78% of tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home
  • 75% were satisfied with repairs & maintenance
  • 68% of leaseholders were satisfied with our services.

We are very pleased that satisfaction with the value for money ratings was high, with CBH being amongst the very best landlords on the questions of rent for tenants, and service charges for leaseholders.

You can read the full report and summary to the right of this page. Our previous Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) was held in 2016.  The results showed that 85% of our tenants were satisfied with the services that they receive, an increase of 2% from our previous STAR in 2014 and up 7% since 2010. You can see the results of previous surveys here.

Our Customer Plan

Our Customer Plan sets out our aim of being among the top 25% of similar landlords for satisfaction by 2022, and we will use the results of the survey to help us plan improvements to our services.

Satisfaction with the quality of homes was lower than it had been in 2016, and we recognise that it is more important than ever to focus on maintaining your homes in an environment where we have less money to spend. Repairs and maintenance is very important to our residents, so there is more to do in order to match the average of 79% satisfaction amongst similar landlords. 

You can see our Customer Plan on the right hand side of our page.