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Safer neighbourhood group

About the group

The Safer Neighbourhood Group is a group of tenants and leaseholders which helps us to evaluate and improve the way we deal with antisocial behaviour.  The group meets 4 times a year.

Ann, a tenant, is on the group. She says "It's about being aware that little changes can make a big difference.  I think it's important because residents can often see issues that other people can't. For example, it might be an area where lots of children are hanging around. But they might need a play area. It sometimes takes a resident to point this out. Sometimes people just moan about things without doing anything. Do it. Come along. See what you can do."

Sue Nice, Community Safety Manager, says "It came through in discussions and surveys that people who reported problems to us felt they didn't get enough contact from us when we were dealing with an issue. Now when someone approaches us with a problem, an action plan is agreed which says what we can and can't do. That plan now includes the level of contact we will have with that person."

How to join

You need to be a Colchester Borough Homes resident. There are some additional entry criteria, but we can tell you more about those if you are interested in joining. For more details contact:

Mell Robinson, Resident Involvement Team Leader
Tel. 01206 282461

Coffee mornings

As well as the Safer Neighbourhood Group,  we also hold informal coffee mornings, where we meet with people who have reported antisocial behaviour issues to us. This gives people the chance to share their experiences and give us feedback. It is all part of a drive to improve the experience for people. Ann from the Safer Neighbourhood Group says, "I think the coffee mornings are a great idea. I think they are an informal way of finding out what could have helped people. Sometimes people don't want to come forward in a formal environment. It's also a good way of getting closure."