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Medical priority

A medical assessment is the process that we use to assess whether your present housing is affecting your health. Homelessness, poor housing conditions, marital problems, neighbour disputes and social need will not, on their own, be considered medical priority for re-housing. If you are experiencing problems with any of these please visit our Housing pages for advice.

What types of conditions are given priority?

You should only apply for priority on medical grounds if you have a condition which you feel is caused or aggravated by your accommodation. Please do not make an application if your problems are due to:

  • difficulties experienced during pregnancy that are likely to go away when the baby is born.
  • difficulties getting a pram/buggy up and down stairs.
  • illnesses or injuries that are likely to get better with treatment, e.g. a broken leg or arm recovering from an operation.
  • overcrowded accommodation - we already consider this in the general assessment of your housing situation.
  • minor illnesses like a cough, cold, flu, earache etc.

Do I need a letter from my doctor?

A letter is not required from your doctor, as usually by telling us about your illness and the medication you take we can make an accurate assessment. If we need more in-depth information our medical officer will write to your doctor or consultant. Our medical officer may also request the advice of an occupational therapist to help assess how you function within your current home. We will let you know if the assessment shows you require a specially adapted property .

I am on disability-related benefits - will this mean extra priority?

No extra priority will be given if you are in receipt of disability-related benefits, but we do need to know if you get them in order to correctly assess your application. We will need proof.

The condition of my home is affecting my health

Because of the short supply of housing that we have, when we assess applicants for priority on medical grounds we also look to see what other things can be done in order to help you. If your home has problems with damp, condensation, mice or insects, your landlord or housing manager should deal with these or you can contact us via the Housing pages for further advice. 

If you are in privately rented housing and your landlord is unwilling to fix the problem you can visit our website Private housing repair and complaints, fill in and submit our Private Sector Housing advice/complaint form or call our team on 01206 282581.

If you are a council or housing association tenant tenant you can still make a complaint to us. However, in the first instance we will write to your landlord and ask them to contact us regarding inspections and what they propose to do.

How do I make a medical application?

You must have an active application on Gateway to Homechoice to apply for a medical assessment.  

If you already have an active housing application you will need to update your form with your medical issues. If you do not already have an application you will need to complete an online application form on the Gateway to Homechoice website.  You need to make sure you tell us as much information as you can about your condition and the way your housing affects your illness.

Those who fall within the medical assessment criteria will be sent a medical form to complete. Please send this back to us with any letters of support from professionals to support your application. We will aim to reach a decision within 28 days.