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Our management team

CBH Management Team

Colchester Borough Homes has a management team with a number of key responsibilities to ensure the company strives for excellence.

Members of the team are:

Gareth Mitchell - Chief Executive

Gareth Mitchell Gareth has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of Colchester Borough Homes, including:

  • Working with the Board as an Executive Board Member to set company strategy and policy
  • Implementing the decisions of the Board
  • Ensuring the company delivers its service performance commitments
  • Leading the company's change management initiatives
  • Managing key external business relationships, in particular with Colchester Borough Council



Karen Loweman - Director Of Housing

Karen 005 Karen's key areas of responsibility are:

  • Tenancy management and support, rent income and tenancy enforcement
  • Sheltered housing and support services
  • Housing advice and homelessness
  • Strategic lead on housing management, tenant and leaseholder involvement and welfare reform



Mark Wright - Director of Property Services

Mark 001 Mark's key areas of responsibility are:

  • Delivery of repairs and maintenance service
  • Managing our in-house direct labour organisation
  • Major capital programmes
  • Strategic lead on asset management
  • Environmental initiatives



‚ÄčBrian Richardson - Interim Director of Resources

Brian Richardson Brian's key areas of responsibility are:

  • Corporate Services including ICT and Finance
  • Performance and complaints
  • Audit, risk and financial strategy
  • Lead director for the Finance and Audit Committee