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Keeping adults and children safe

We are committed to supporting the communities and partners we work with to identify, address and resolve safeguarding risks that may affect children, young people under 18 years old, and adults with support needs.

Our organisational lead officer for safeguarding is Karen Williams, Head of Housing Management. If you have any concerns about the abuse or neglect of others, please contact her on 01206 282433 or

Worried about an adult with support needs?

Remember, ignoring abuse is not an option - any person with the knowledge or suspicion that an adult with support needs may be at risk of abuse must report their concerns. There are various ways you can discuss and report any concerns. If you do not want to contact us you can contact any of the following:

  • Ask SAL is an Essex-wide helpline to encourage the public to report concerns and they offer an advice, information and reporting service.
    Call: 08452 66 66 63 or take a look at: 
  • Speak UP is a national helpline run by Crimestoppers to support reporting of concerns and is available for anonymous reporting.
    Call: 0800 032 7644 (24 hours)
  • Essex County Council is responsible for investigating Safeguarding concerns and you can contact their Adult Safeguarding Board.
    Call: 0330 131019
  • You can also get support through Action on Elder Abuse:
    Call: 0808 808 8141

Help us to keep vulnerable adults safe. If you are concerned that a vulnerable adult is being harmed or neglected or is at risk. 

Call: Essex Adult Social Care on 0844 8006685

If there is an immediate risk of harm to a vulnerable adult, please contact the Police on 999.

Worried about someone aged under 18?

Help us to keep children and young people under 18 safe. If you are concerned that a child or young person is being harmed or neglected or is at risk, please contact Essex Social Care.

Call:0845 603 7627 or 0845 606 1212

If there is an immediate risk of harm to a child, please contact the Police on 999.