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Helping you to let your properties - Our Landlord Offer

Colchester Borough Homes operates two distinctive schemes aimed at helping landlords let their properties. We are particularly interested in 2 or 3 bedroom properties but will consider anything in the borough of Colchester from a studio flat to a 4 bedroom house. If you have a property that you think might meet our needs and you are interested in working with us, please contact our Private Sector Officer on 01206 507861.

The two schemes that we operate are as follows:

1. The HomeStep Scheme - we use this scheme to assist people who have approached us for help by securing them accommodation in the private rented sector. We will pay:

· 1 months' rent in advance;

· 6 weeks damage deposit; and

· A goodwill payment worth up to £750 

In return, we ask that you provide a 12 month assured shorthold tenancy.

If, after the first 12 months, you renew the tenancy for a further 12 months, we will make an additional goodwill payment worth up to £375. 

This scheme is aimed at landlords who are comfortable managing their own properties (or who have agents managing their properties for them) although support and advice will be available from us free of charge. We will also be available to provide support to your tenant as and when the need arises.

We have a large number of families looking for private rented accommodation in the Colchester area - as such, if you sign up for the scheme, we should be able to refer lots of potential tenants to you (enabling you to have greater choice over who you offer the tenancy to and reduced void periods).

For more information on the HomeStep scheme, please click here

2. The Private Sector Leasing Scheme - this is a longer terms scheme under which:

· You lease your property to Colchester Borough Council for a fixed period of 3-5 years;

· You receive guaranteed rent from the Council for the duration of the leasehold agreement - as the Council is your tenant, the rent is guaranteed even if the property is unoccupied;

· Colchester Borough Homes will use the property to provide accommodation to families who have approached us for help - we will select the tenants, set up their tenancy, manage the property and collect the rent. We will visit the property at least once a month for the first few months (and no less than once every 3 months thereafter);

· As the owner of the property, you will have responsibility for repairs but only to the extent that would be the case if you were to let the property out under an Assured Shorthold tenancy - for more information, please click here;

· At the end of the leasehold agreement, the property is returned to you in the same condition as when it was accepted onto the scheme (less fair wear and tear).

For more information on the Private Sector Leasing Scheme, including the scheme application form, please click here.