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Equality and diversity


How we promote equality

We are committed to fighting discrimination, valuing diversity and promoting equality of opportunity. For details of how we promote equality at Colchester Borough Homes and to find out how you can get involved, visit our how we promote equality page.

Equality information

See our Information about our staff and customers page for equalities information about our organisation and customers.

Unfair treatment

Find out what to do if you feel we have treated you unfairly or have been the victim of hate crime.

Disabled tenants

We have an adaptations service for disabled residents who need specially adapted properties. We also administer disabled facilities grants.

Information in other languages

We have information about CBH in other languages for customers whose first language is not English.

Advice and information

To find out about other organisations which can provide help and information on equality and diversity issues, visit our where to go for information and advice page.