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We are committed to providing a high quality service to our customers at all times. We recognise, however, that there are times when services do not meet those high standards and customers are inconvenienced as a result.  

We aim to remedy the situation by correcting any defects and apologising for mistakes made by way of a telephone call or personal visit. Financial compensation is considered as a last resort, and only in certain circumstances. You can find full details in our compensation policy.

When we will consider compensation

We can only pay compensation if we have been at fault. Compensation payments may be considered if:

  • we have not completed an emergency or urgent repair on time even though you have provided reasonable access.
  • we have not attended or have cancelled an appointment without 24 hours' notice, which has resulted in financial loss.
  • we have not delivered a service for which you are expected to pay a service charge.
  • you are unable to use part of your home because repairs are required or are being complete.
  • we have damaged property or possessions.
  • our actions have caused personal injury.
  • something we have done or failed to do has resulted in financial loss.

When we will not consider compensation

Compensation will not be considered if:

  • the fault is caused by a third party or is something we have no control over.
  • the incident was caused as a result of your negligence or failure to comply with your pdf icon conditions of tenancy [69kb].
  • there is impending legal action against us.

How to apply 

Please give as much detail as possible including dates and times, names and a description of each event. In most cases you will need to demonstrate the loss and value of loss to receive compensation.

Online:Complete this form
Phone:01206 282514


If you have applied for compensation and are not satisfied with the outcome you have the right to appeal. This will be dealt with under our pdf icon Complaints policy [328kb] - for more details see our complaints page.

Compensation for home improvements

If you are a secure tenant you may be entitled to compensation for improvements you have made for your home once you leave the property. For more details see this page.