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Communal cleaning

As a resident, you have a responsibility to keep communal areas clean, tidy and safe. This is outlined in your conditions of tenancy or lease. Please do not leave any item in a communal area. They can be fire hazard, and could prevent either you or your neighbours leaving in the event of an emergency.

Cleaning services

We provide a cleaning service for communal areas in two and three-storey blocks of flats. Our excel icon cleaning schedules [81kb] will tell you when cleaning should take place. Communal windows are cleaned every three months - we do not clean windows of individual flats. Bin chute cleaning is carried out in three-storey blocks once a year.

Our cleaning service is provided by contractors:

  • Wettons is responsible for cleaning communal areas of two and three storey blocks
  • S&S Cleaning is responsible for cleaning communal windows (not those of individual flats).

If you have any concerns or questions about the communal cleaning service, you can call us on 01206 282514.

How do we monitor the cleaning service?

  • Regular checks - our Community Caretakers carry out regular health and safety checks at blocks of flats. We also carry out weekly inspections to test the standard of cleaning at blocks of flats.
  • Quality Assurance Advisors - Quality Assurance Advisors (QAA) are residents who monitor a range of services we provide in flats and tell us how we are doing. QAAs help us by letting us know about graffiti, communal repairs which need doing, fly tipping and grounds maintenance issues. To find out more or become a QAA, see our Quality Assurance Advisors page.

Rubbish collections 

Your rubbish and recycling is collected by Colchester Borough Council. You can let them know here if your household waste is not collected, or if an overspill of rubbish is not cleared from your bin area. You can also book a special collection if you have any unwanted furniture or bulky items that need collecting, but do be aware there is a charge for taking them away.

Please do not leave bags of rubbish outside your front door, or in any other indoor or outdoor communal area unless it is rubbish collection day.