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Our values

About Us - How we make decisions - Company values

We are committed to our key company values ("The CBH Way") and focus on these in the planning and delivery of our services:

  • Building Trust: We will work with customers to build trust in our service.
  • Delivering Tenant Led Services: We will work with customers to improve what we do, and promote fair and equal services for all.
  • Commitment to Our Communities: We will offer customers services they can rely on, which respect the needs of the community and individuals.
  • Delivering Professional Services: Our staff are highly trained to enable customers to receive a knowledgeable response.
  • Providing Value for Money: in everything we do.

Corporate social responsibility

We take social responsibility, equality and diversity and environmental sustainability very seriously. All policies, procedures and working practices, as well as our strategic priorities reflect this commitment. All our profits are reinvested for the benefit of our customers and community.