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Sheltered housing refurbishment programme

The Sheltered Housing Review was set up in 2010 to plan the future investment required in the Council's 21 Sheltered Housing schemes. The Review categorised properties into those to be sold, those to be refurbished in the first 5 years, those to be put into a future options proposal and those schemes that would remain as they are.

The Refurbishment group was set up to survey and plan the conversion of the following schemes to meet the Colchester Sheltered Housing Standard:

• Worsnop House
• Enoch House
• Britannia Court
• Harrison Court

Following major investment Worsnop House has been the first sheltered scheme to be completed and opened in 2015. Worsnop House now boasts a range of modern, stylish energy efficient 1 and 2 bed roomed apartments. The scheme benefits from newly fitted kitchens, built in wardrobes, stylish showers, patio doors and balconies. A beautiful landscaped garden surrounds the building with two car parks and mobility scooter storage is also provided on site.

Enoch House is the next scheme due to be refurbished with major works commencing 2015.

Feasibility studies for the other 2 schemes are currently being drawn up and are planned to be completed within 3 years. No start dates have yet been detailed.