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Energy initiatives

We are committed to continual environmental improvements and have a number of ongoing projects to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

Solar photovoltaic panels

We have successfully agreed two new phases of photovoltaic panel installations. This will be a six month programme in which we expect the original number of installations to rise from 560 to 1,000 and possibly if the Government Feed in Tariff rate remains the same. These installations generate electricity which tenants can use free of charge and will be maintained for at least 20 years.

All solar installations are monitored constantly to ensure they are performing at peak efficiency. Because of this the residents living in homes fitted with the panels enjoy electricity bills much lower than those without. In some cases up to a whopping 50% electricity bill reduction has been realised. But money is not the only thing being saved. Carbon dioxide (CO2)  is one of the main greenhouse gases that is warming our world and causing climate change. To date approximately 1125 tons of CO savings have been made through our photovoltaic programme.

Air source heat pumps & solar thermal units

We secured £90,000 from the Government's Renewable Heat Payment Programme fund for the installation of 40 Air Source Heat Pumps and 10 Solar Thermal (hot water) units. All installations are happening in rural areas where the homes are burning either coal or oil. This means we can cut residents' energy bills, cut CO2 and provide a healthier environment in which to live and improve the home's overall value.

Insulation Programme

We have been working hard to secure funding to expand our insulation upgrades. We are looking to access Energy Company Obligation funding to pay for this programme. Some of you will already have had insulation upgrades on your home and are benefiting from them. For everyone else we are exploring as many ways as possible to properly insulate every home in the CBH stock in as short a period of time possible.