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Latest Community Fund Winners Announced

Latest Community Fund Winners Announced

Colchester Borough Homes has announced the latest round of successful applicants of its community fund.

Six further community groups are set to benefit from a share of Colchester Borough Homes' (CBH) £40,000 Community Fund including Action for Family Carers, Chums, Carers First, Headway Essex and Colchester Foodbank.

The CBH team reviewed the applications and were supported by five CBH Customers who ranked and scored each application and assessed their benefit to Colchester residents.

The Community Fund supports the values of Colchester Borough Homes in particular, showing our commitment to connecting local Colchester communities.

Colchester Borough Homes Director of Housing, Karen Loweman said: " 'I'm extremely pleased that we have once again been able to help a variety of organisations with funding that will provide a real benefit to the people of Colchester.

"The Community Fund shows our commitment to connecting communities across the whole Borough. It's a fantastic way to bring local communities together."

There will be two funding rounds for 2019/2020. Round one opens 1 April 2019 and closes 31 May 2019. More information will be available here: when the fund opens.


Please see below a summary of all the projects which benefitted from the 2018/2019 Community Fund and what they intend to use the funding for:


The funding we are requesting will go towards the cost of large, outdoor sensory equipment which will form the focal part of this garden project. Many of the local families live in and so providing a safe and well-designed garden area for them to play in would be of great benefit.

Children's Safety Education Foundation -Colchester Academy

We are looking to benefit approx.. 450 11-14 year olds at Colchester Academy, Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester. The 'Respect' project teaches young people about the devastating consequences that crime and anti-social behaviour have on their health, safety and well-being and on communities.

Community Greenhouse

We run a Community Allotment on Notley Allotments. The families including the children get involved and they give a lot of what they grow to the soup kitchen and other charities. This has now been running for 11 years and the families get a lot out of it. The initial greenhouse on the allotment we built but it now needs replacing.

Greenstead Play Scheme

The activities we want to run are 'Snakes Alive' which is an interactive experience for the children where they can handle the various reptiles. Art activities, sport activities, circus skills, drumming, a magician and disco.

Hazelmere Infant School - Cultural Week

The week is called 'Wonderful Week' and it is where we celebrate diversity and different cultures across our three year groups (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). It is run every year and is becoming more and more popular.

Marks Tey Parish Council - Bouncy Castle

We used the bouncy Castle for our summer community picnic event which took place every week through the summer and was a great success in bringing the Marks Tey community together. This was a very popular event which we are looking to keep going during school holidays.

Film Academy- St Annes Community Hall

We would like to run a film academy presented over 5 days for 20 young people ages 10 and over with a film premiere at the end of the week to family and friends. The theme would be led by the young people and based around their area and issues that are crucial to them.

Amazing Me Subscription Willow Brook Primary School

'Amazing Me' seeks to promote better mental health and well-being within school communities through a digital mindfulness-based positive psychology program.

Greenstead - Make A Difference Day

To engage with the local community, to provide lunch for the children in area of deprivation and to provide activities for the children in school holidays. 150 children fed, networking with partner agencies and improved customer relations/CBH's reputation.

Action for Family Carers

The funding will contribute towards running a club for Young Carers in Colchester.

Colchester Gateway Clubs

12 monthly music therapy sessions for adults with learning disabilities, to enable them to learn and play percussion instruments and develop their own arrangements of popular songs.


We aim to provide health information and the opportunity for health screening to all male residents of Colchester Borough Homes and male staff over age 40, approximately 2,400 men in total.

Men are notoriously unaware of basic health facts and risks and frequently fail to take action soon enough when problems arise. Consequently men die younger than women from a raft of causes, many of which are entirely preventable and unnecessary. One in 5 men die even before retirement age causing major social and financial problems.

Carers First

Carers FIRST will run one free "Caring Confidently" course in Colchester, March 2019 to benefit 12 unpaid carers living in Colchester's community. The course aims to help unpaid carers gain appropriate skills, knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence to enable them to continue caring in a more confident and balanced way, improving their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Headway Essex

Headway Centre we support a progressive pathway to adjust to life after brain injury and ensure that health and wellbeing is maintained along the way. Should we be fortunate to secure funding, it will be used as a contribution towards the purchase of the Headway Centre, the home of Headway since 1987.

Colchester Foodbank

We would like funding to pay for sessional staffing to allow us to supervise enough volunteers to pilot the launch of opening Colchester Foodbank for an additional day. With a trend of increasing demand for our service, this seems to be the most sensible and logical response we can give to provide accessible help for local people in crisis.

Evolve Greenstead

We have successfully rolled out the Community Youth Project throughout 2017/2018 with young people attending a full week with the Fire Service on the 'Firebreak' course plus other smaller workshops and team building events. The young people are still keen to continue with this project and move forward with the skills they have been developing such as communication, team working, and citizenship and leadership skills. With this in mind we have sourced a further project called 'Evolve' which is a follow on from the Fire Break course and which will provide the young people with a further qualification in team working and leadership and in turn will further cement in them aspirations for the future.

Greenstead Community Centre New Flooring

To remove tired and worn carpet in café, and reception area of Greenstead Community Centre and replace with non-slip vinyl flooring in a space that is used by numerous local community groups.

Exploring Educational Opportunities Greenstead

Ten week "improve your English" course for speakers of other languages and targeting residents of the Greenstead estate.