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Free information and advice forum for Colchester landlords

17 April 2018

Landlords with property in Colchester are being given the chance to find out about a range of topics to help them comply with their responsibilities at a free event organised by Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) next week.

The Colchester Landlord Forum, being held at Weston Homes Community on Wednesday 25 April, will provide landlords with information and news about legislation, services and schemes which are highly relevant to the Colchester property sector.

The evening, organised in partnership with Colchester Borough Council, runs between 7pm and 9pm.

The forum, held twice a year, is designed to help landlords make the most of their portfolios while ensuring they provide legal and safe homes and support to their tenants.

Speakers at the event will include representatives from the National Landlords Association, tax advisors Antony J. Holdsworth and Colchester Borough Council. Staff from CBH and the council's Housing Options, Housing Benefit and Private Sector Housing teams will also be available to discuss any issues.

Following the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act in April 2018, the demand for affordable housing is expected to rise. At the event, local landlords, letting agents and professionals working in private sector rental housing will be able to find out about opportunities for collaborative working between landlords, CBH and the council.

In particular focus will be will be CBH's Private Sector Leasing Scheme and Home Finder Scheme, which benefit property owners by offering guaranteed rent, free property management and flexible options while boosting the borough's housing stock.

Karen Loweman, Director of Housing at Colchester Borough Homes, said, "The support of local landlords is crucial to our work in helping people to secure housing.

"Events like this really help strengthen our relationships with those operating in the private rented sector. It also ensures they are kept up to date with changes in the legislation and what they need to do to provide high quality housing and support to their tenants.

"I would urge as many landlords as possible to attend the forum on 25 April."

Joanne Dron, Essex Representative for the National Landlords Association, said, "I am very excited to be working alongside Colchester Borough Council to continue to build on their already well-established Landlord Forum. Landlord education is at the forefront of what the NLA stands for and we look forward to seeing some strong and informative speakers take to the stage for the landlords of Colchester."

Advance booking is essential and the event is free of charge. To book your place visit