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Colchester Borough Homes supports Essex Dementia Day

As part of its ongoing commitment to become a dementia-friendly organisation, Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) will be supporting Essex Dementia Day on 19 January through workshops and raising awareness.

CBH is fully committed to raising awareness of dementia amongst its staff and residents, as well as supporting those living with the condition, their carers and their families. CBH is also an active member of the Alliance, whose aim is to work together to help create a dementia-friendly community and has been doing a great deal of work to improve its knowledge of this condition and find ways to help those affected by it.

On 19 January, Colchester Borough Homes will be running two Dementia Friends information sessions for its staff, alongside new members of the Colchester Dementia Action Alliance. Part of an initiative by the Alzheimer's Society, these interactive workshops increase understanding of dementia and the small changes people can make to improve the lives of people who are affected by it.

Several members of staff have volunteered to raise awareness on the day, working alongside Community360 and Colchester Borough Council at a market stall in the High Street from 9.30-2.30. Passers-by will be able to stop at the stall for information and advice on dementia and the services available for those living with the condition in Colchester. Donations to the Alzheimer's Society can be made at the stall.

Karen Williams, Head of Housing Management, said, "Colchester Borough Homes is committed to becoming a dementia-friendly organisation. We recognise that dementia affects residents of all ages and tenure types and, through awareness and practical changes, we work to improve the lives of those directly and indirectly affected by dementia.

"As a Dementia Champion, I have been involved in delivering several Dementia Friends sessions to our staff and many have commented that better understanding and awareness of the condition has enabled them to identify small changes they can make in their own lives to help others."