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Colchester Borough Homes' energy efficiency receives national recognition

Colchester Borough Homes' (CBH) hard work and investment in moving away from conventional heating and fuel sources has been recognised at the National Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes Awards, where it received a special commendation for 'Fuel poverty and vulnerable customer support campaigner of the year'.

Previously known as the Green Deal & ECO Awards, these awards were set up in 2014 to help motivate the delivery of the Green Deal initiatives.

Following the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, cavity and loft insulation and doing away with inefficient and polluting solid fuel, gas or oil systems, CBH was nominated by Saving Energy UK (CBH's insulations installer)for the Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes Awards. At the regional awards which took place in June, CBH won Regional Vulnerable Customer Support Campaigner and was also highly commended as the Regional Council or Local Authority Body of the year.

This special commendation acknowledges the impact CBH's Energy Programme is having within the local community. It also recognises the level of expertise CBH staff have and the priority the organisation is giving to tackling fuel poverty for its residents.

Commenting on the commendation, Gareth Mitchell, Chief Executive of Colchester Borough Homes, said "I'm delighted that CBH has received this special commendation. Our mission is to improve the energy efficiency of all our homes, ensuring tenants have economical and environmentally friendly homes. With our housing stock we have been able to take this forward by embracing renewable energy sources for a more efficient greener future and reduce living costs for our residents too."

  Saving Energy UK said "We are proud to be involved with the delivery of energy efficiency measures for Colchester Borough Homes and its customers. It has been refreshing to work with such a proactive organisation in terms of making their homes more fuel efficiency for their residents, many of whom would be otherwise living in fuel poverty."