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Section 20s

Section 20s

Please find below a list of the current Sections 20s in progress as of August 2018:

Bunting Court - Internal and External painting works in progress

Byng Court - Invoices have been sent out

Sturmer Court - Invoices have been sent out

Dutch Quarter 1 - Complete - Invoices being reviewed

Dutch Quarter 2 - Window Installation programme July - December 2018

Dutch Quarter 3 - Complete - Invoices being reviewed

Carrington Court - Invoices have been sent out

Various blocks - Communal Door Replacements - New Section 20's have been sent - we aim to complete this work by March 2019.

All Leaseholders - Fire Safe Front Doors - letters have been sent to all Leaseholders to ensure their front doors are compliant. If work is required, leaseholders can arrange this privately or contact Colchester Borough Homes who will carry out the work at cost for the Leaseholders. This is currently on hold pending an update from the government regarding Fire Safety Door standards. We will keep you updated.

Potential Planned Works - We are currently surveying out Flat and Pitched Roofing, which will then be put out to tender. Section 20s will be sent to any Leaseholders this may effect once the surveys have been completed.