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Colchester Borough Homes' Dementia Friends

21st March 17

Dementia frieds 21 03 17

Colchester Borough Homes' (CBH) staff are undertaking Dementia Friends awareness sessions in support of the Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friends initiative, as part of its ongoing commitment to become a dementia-friendly organisation.

CBH is fully committed to raising awareness of dementia amongst its staff and residents, as well as supporting those living with the condition, their carers and their families. CBH is also an active member of the Colchester Dementia Action Alliance, whose aim is to help create a dementia-friendly community in Colchester.

CBH and its Board recognise that many people are directly and indirectly affected by dementia, and has been doing a great deal of work to improve its knowledge of this condition and find ways to help those affected, including running regular Dementia Friend awareness sessions.

All staff attending information sessions become Dementia Friends. Three members of staff have already become Dementia Friend Champions, with an added role of encouraging other staff and tenants to make a positive difference to those living with dementia in the community. 

CBH is planning to run similar session for tenants living in its sheltered housing schemes, and will also be reviewing its buildings and shared public areas to ensure that they are more suited to those with dementia. 

Karen Loweman, Director of Housing for Colchester Borough Homes, said: "I'm delighted that so many of our staff have attended these sessions and that we're also able to offer tenants in our sheltered housing schemes the opportunity to attend them as well. As a result we have Dementia Friends and Champions who I know will make a positive contribution towards dementia locally."

Anne Grahamslaw, Chair of the Board at Colchester Borough Homes, added: "Many of us know someone affected by dementia in some way. CBH is making positive steps towards becoming a dementia-friendly organisation and its Dementia Friends and Champions will do much to help make Colchester a supportive, dementia-friendly community.