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Equal opportunities

A commitment to valuing diversity 

We are committed to equality of opportunity based around fair access to services for all.  We aim to improve quality of life for residents and deliver services that suit them and their circumstances

We are committed to tackling discrimination and providing equality of opportunity.  This commitment means that:

  • we will comply fully with equality legislation including the Equality Act 2010 and the Public sector equality duty
  • we will promote equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination in the planning and delivery of our services in terms of all of the Equality Act's 'protected characteristics' including age, disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief and gender reassignment
  • we are committed to working with our partners and communities in order to foster good relations and to combat prejudice, discrimination and negative stereotyping
  • we will ensure that crucial links between equality and quality are reflected through our Delivery Plan along with our policies, plans and strategies
  • we will develop, review and promote policies and practices that ensure equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination for our workforce in all areas of employment.


In line with our statutory responsibilities we publish equality information as well as our Equality Objectives. These objectives are delivered through the Equality Strategy [317kb], and progress is monitored through its associated Action Plan.

Our Board is committed to providing leadership and support, ensuring resources are available, engaging with the local community and fulfilling a scrutiny role.

Members of staff will work towards achieving the aims of the Equality Strategy Action Plan.  They will also organise and participate in training, challenge existing cultures and engage with the community.

Involved tenants and leaseholders will be consulted on the delivery of our equality objectives, strategy and action plan, as well as taking part in scrutiny and sharing knowledge and understanding of our approach to equality and diversity

To help us achieve our aims we have an Equality and Diversity Workgroup made up of staff and managers, and Equality focus group made up of involved tenants and leaseholders.  We also have a dedicated Equality and Diversity officer.

We have been awarded the Positive about Disabled People accreditation and we support the Living Wage.