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    1. You will need to tell us where you want a garage. At the top of the this page is a link to a list of all the roads where we have garages. You should be as specific as possible (i.e. road name, rather than area). There is no limit to the number of roads you can put down.
    2. Barnhall
    3. Birch
    4. Birch Glen
    5. Dedham
    6. Dutch Quater
    7. Greenstead
    8. Harwich
    9. King George
    10. Lexden
    11. Marks Tey
    12. Monkwick
    13. Old Health
    14. Prettygate
    15. Rowhedge
    16. Shrub End
    17. Stanway
    18. Tiptree
    19. West Bergholt
    20. West Mersea
    21. Wivenhoe
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    1. We will hold the information that you provide under the terms of the EU GDPR 2018. We must protect the public funds we handle and so we may use the information you give us to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information with other organisations that handle public funds.
    2. When you select YES in the box below, you will signify that you understand and agree to the garage letting terms and conditions. It will also signify that you understand that you will not be offered a garage if you owe us any money.
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