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Help with your rent

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit or Discretionary Housing Payments to pay all or part of your rent. See our Help with your rent page for more details.

Apply for a garage

Garages are available in urban and rural areas to rent for storing your car or other goods. There are waiting lists in some area. For more information and to apply click here.

Moving home

There are a number of ways to move home:

If you would like to tell us you are leaving your council home let us know via this page.

Applying for council housing

The only way to do this is by completing an application form on Gateway to Homechoice. For more information see our applying for a council home page.

Adaptations to your home

If you have a physical disability we may be able to make changes to your home to make it easier for you. This may be by supplying different taps or carrying out major work to your home. See our adaptations page for details and to apply.

Mobility scooter storage

You can apply to store a mobility scooter in the grounds of your home (not inside your home or in a communal area), or apply to use the storage facilities if you are in sheltered housing, by visiting this page.


If you would like a pet we would like to talk to you about this. Before we give permission we want to make sure that your home is suitable for the pet you would like to keep. See our pets page for more information and to apply.

Help and support

If you need extra help, such as support with your tenancy, help with your gardening or help around the home, we offer confidential advice and support. Please see our help and support  pages for more details.

Buying your own home

If you want to buy your council home you may be entitled to a discount depending on how long that you have been a tenant. For more information see here


You may be entitled to compensation if we have failed to deliver you a service to our expected standards. For details and to apply, see our compensation page.


You can see a list of our current vacancies and apply online here.