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Mad Day 2016

24th February 2016

MAD Days 2016!

Throughout 2016 CBH staff, volunteers, residents and councillors visiting specific areas of the community to help make improvements and encourage pride in community spaces. On these days a whole host of clean-up activities took find out more here:

MAD Day Gall​eries

Stephen Cranfield Close - Thursday 27 October​

Stephen Cranfield Close MAD Day

pdf icon Mad days newsletter Stephen Cranfield Close [7Mb]

Mimosa Court, Greenstead, Thursday 29 September

Mimosa Court, Greenstead MAD Day

pdf icon Mad day Newsletter Mimosa Court [1Mb]

Abbots Road, Old Heath - Thursday 25 August

Abbots Road, Old Heath MAD Day

pdf icon Mad day Newsletter Abbots Road Old Heath [1Mb]

Chant Court, St John's - Thursday 28 July

Chant Court, St John's MAD Day

pdf icon MAD Day Newsletter Chant Court [1Mb]

Kersey Court, Shrub End - Thursday 30 June​

Kersey Court, Shrub End MAD Day

pdf icon Kersey Court [1Mb]

Hawthorn Avenue & Duffield Drive - Thursday 26 May ​

Hawthorn Avenue & Duffield Drive MAD Day

pdf icon Hawthorn Avenue [7Mb]

Greenfield Houses -  Thursday 28 April

Greenfield Houses MAD Day

pdf icon Greenfield Houses [1Mb]

Rectory Close - Thursday 31 March

Rectory Close MAD Day

pdf icon MAD Day Newsletter Rectory Close [1Mb]

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