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Energy performance certificates

By understanding what technologies are being used in a home and their efficiencies, recommendations for improvements that will lead to savings of both energy and money can be made. An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a complete home energy evaluation and corresponding report and is now a legal requirement when either renting or selling a home. 

By carrying out EPCs on all our homes we can identify homes that require additional work to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel bills. We are offering a free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to all tenants. If you would care for one please contact us and we will organise a visit as soon as possible.  


An EPC has a colour bar chart, similar to when you buy a washing machine or fridge. It tells you how energy efficient the property is and gives approximate costs of heating for the property, based on national standards as a comparison. A number also indicates how energy efficient a property is. The higher the number, the more efficient the property is, 100 being very efficient and 0 not efficient at all. The average for the housing we manage is about 70, however for some properties that have been installed with photovoltaic panels the rating can be over 80.